Best Results

We fondly describe the game as Loot 'n' Shoot, however we're better at the looting than the shooting. Nonetheless we've had some decent results, both in the Duo mode of gameplay as well as the Solo mode. Our best rounds are documented here.

Duo 2.jpg

Kyle and Andrew Duo (game on 10/14/17)

The desert map kinda stinks. I think we can all agree. But somehow we managed to scratch our way into the top 10, only having to be forced out of cover to chase the final circles. We got out-flanked by the winning team, but learned some lessons, basically, don't blow it when you're one of only two teams left alive. Still in search of that Duo Chicken Dinner for now.

Duo Honorable Mentions:

  • Duo: #3 (5/25/18)
  • Duo: #3 (1/19/18)
  • Duo: #3 (10/23/17)
  • Duo: #3 (10/14/17)
KG Winner Winner.jpg

Kyle Solo (game on 2/17/18)

Kyle finally got his Chicken Dinner after 80 something hours. Also, he didn't even have to kill the last guy, since he died outside the playzone. Does that make his win any lesser? You be the judge. Regardless, as Vin Diesel once said, "winning's winning," and now we've both won a solo match.

Kyle Honorable Mentions:

  • #2 on 12/7/17
  • #3 on 10/29/17
  • #3 on 10/14/17
  • #7 on 10/16/17
AG Winner Winner.jpg

Andrew Solo (game on 1/14/18)

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! It would be kind to say it would be improbable for one of us to win, but with a certain amount of luck and the least amount of skill (and just 1 kill), here's proof that it can be done. On the desert map no less. I got lucky that I didn't see anyone while running from circle to circle and even luckier that the building I was in was in the final circle. A win's a win.

Andrew Honorable Mentions:

  • #7 on 3/27/18
  • #12 on 1/13/18
  • #14 on 10/20/17
  • #14 on 10/19/17